u-Box 53-inch Curved Light Bar Review


Light bars are usually associated with off-roading, but they’re actually quite versatile. Certainly, taking any vehicle through rough terrain or pothole-covered road can be a recipe for disaster if you can’t see what’s ahead. These are the occasions when a roof-mounted light bar is a must, and the u-Box 53” LED Curved Light Bar is an exceptional example. They not only provide vital illumination that standard headlights can’t when the going gets harsh, but they also supply extra power for cutting through fog and other obstacles. This ability makes them great for watercraft too.

Seeing and Being Seen

Typical automotive headlights generate between 2,500 and 3,000 lumens of light. The Cree LED lights on the u-Box 53” Curved Light Bar radiate a total of 25,000 lumens. That’s nearly ten times as much illumination. With its two tiers of LED lights spanning the cab roof of an average pickup truck in a slightly curved pattern, this light bar creates a combination spotlight and floodlight effect. The center lights focus their energy forward to provide greater reach while the ends are projected outward to offer coverage to the sides.They’re perfect for both rough surfaces and inclement weather. By the same token, when others need to be aware of your presence, they can accomplish that too.

Light Load

With so much lighting power, you’d think the u-Box 53” Curved Light Bar would be an energy hog. In fact, thanks to its highly efficient cool white LEDs, this light assembly has a total power usage of 300 watts. It can flexibly consume anywhere from 9 to 32 volts from the vehicle’s generator. It’s not just light on power consumption. The light bar itself, thanks to an aluminum casing, weighs just under 16 pounds.

Tough Stuff

The aluminum body makes this light bar not just easy to carry, but an extremely durable addition as well. Holding the light bar in place, a pair of trunnion bracket mounts keep the fixture secure while offering the ability to pivot it into the desired position. The light bar has a waterproof rating of IP67 that ensures resistance to rain under normal conditions. To top it off, the LED lights are wired together so that the loss of a few won’t interrupt the functioning of the rest. They’re also rated to last an estimated 100,000 hours.

 Auxbeam 50-inchxenLight 52-inchu-Box 53-inch
Dimensions52.4 x 8.9 x 5.5 inches52 x 3.4 x 3.1 inches54.5 x 8.5 x 4.9 inches
LEDs96 * 3Watt100 * 3Watt 100 * 3Watt CREE
Life Time30,000 hours30,000 hours100,000 hours
IP RatingIP67 - Dust Tight, Immersion upto 1mIP67 - Dust Tight, Immersion upto 1mIP68 - Dust Tight, Immersion beyond 1m

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