Totron LED Light Bar Review

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Light bars have many applications including assistance with night driving, providing emergency lighting, use on marine vehicles, and for use with heavy equipment. Among Totron LED light bar reviews, the TLB3180 DC scores highly. This device is a straight double row CREE 30-inch light bar that is the perfect addition to an ATV, an off-road vehicle, or even a snowmobile. Whatever you intended application may be, this LED light bar can help light the way on your next adventure.

Totron LED Light Bar

Things To Consider Before Purchase

LED light strips make great additions to your 4×4, pickup, or off-road vehicles. They enhance your existing lights and come in handy in times of emergency. If you own one of these types of vehicles, you could be in the market for this Totron product. If you are continuing to drive the four-door family sedan, you probably have no need for such powerful lighting. Before making a buying decision, you should ask yourself a few questions. The answers you provide will help you determine if the Totron light bar is the product for you.

First, consider the vehicle. This 30-inch light bar may work great on your off-road 4×4, but it is probably not the best choice for your dirt bike. You will have to consider where you will mount the lights. Will you mount them on a bumper or possibly above the windshield? You should also think about your reasoning for adding a light bar to your vehicle. If you want to achieve better night time road visibility, you may want to consider a spot beam. Flood lights have a wider beam pattern and are great for lighting up a work area, for example. If you want versatility, you choose the Totron TLB3180.


The Totron TLB3180 DC Straight Double Row 3W CREE 30 Inch Light Bar is part of the company’s DC series of LED light bars. Totron produces seven different series of LED light bars. This particular product is one of four in the DC series and comes with mounting brackets, mounting hardware, and a DT/ATP connector. It compares to the Double Row D-series from Black Oak.

As mentioned, this particular Totron set of lights is for the off-road enthusiast, someone who may have a 4×4, jeep, or other off-road vehicle and wants better nighttime illumination. You may have a personal watercraft and want to have the ability to go out at night or early in the mornings and go fishing. You may want to mount these lights on your work vehicle for better lighting in various work areas. The Totron TLB3180 has a number of applications, but if you have a smaller vehicle such as a dirt bike this is not the LED solution for you. This particular model is a combo light. Someone searching for improved nighttime visibility would benefit more from a spot beam LED.

Features & Benefits

1. Well Built

If you are planning on putting this product on an off-road vehicle, it is going to have to stand up against the terrain and the elements. This particular LED product from Totron features die-cast aluminum housing and brackets. You will notice it is light yet sturdy enough to take on severe punishment.

2. The Illumination Is Outstanding

When you are purchasing a light bar for a vehicle whether you own an ATV for recreational use, or you need to illuminate a work site from a piece of heavy machinery, one of your primary goals is to have more light. You want to be able to see better and more clearly in conditions where light is limited. The TLB3180 accomplishes that goal.

A contractor who needs some extra light while working past sundown could benefit from this product. Hunters out in the early morning or late at night may need the extra light provided by this Totron product. See how this LED light enhances fog lights in the video below.

3. Several Different Mounting Options

Before purchasing this Totron light bar, you should have an idea where you are going to put it. When you buy the TLB3180, you have several different mounting options. You also get all the mounting brackets and mounting hardware that you need to attach the lights to your vehicle. You can choose from over 40 different mounting options and attach it to a bumper, roof, or even a windshield.

4. Made From High Quality Components

All LED lights including bars made by Totron are crafted to international standards and made from the best materials available. Housings are constructed from a lightweight yet durable aluminum alloy. Cree 3W LEDs are the standard used in the manufacture of Totron products. Cree is known as a market leader and innovator when it comes to LED lighting. When you purchase a kit from the company, you also receive 304 stainless steel mounting brackets and mounting bolts.

5. Customizable

While the company provides you with an array of choices including the TLB3180 DC Straight Double Row 3W CREE 30 Inch Light Bar Combo, you may not find it suits your needs exactly as it is manufactured. In that case, Totron can customize a solution. The company’s scientists, engineers, and designers can come up with a custom made lighting solution made exactly to your specifications. Whatever the modification may be, the company will work to make it happen.

6. Meets All International Standards

When you visit the Totron website and check out the different options available, you will notice that every product, including the TLB3180 DC, is EMC, EC IP67, and RoHS certified. While you may not care or have any interest in what all that means, it is important because it means that Totron lighting is recognized and sold in countries throughout the world.

7. You Get Instant Light With LEDs

From experience, you know that lights with a filament will take a moment to warm up. They are also useless once the filament is broken. LEDs do not have a filament nor do they require a warm up period. When you mount this Totron light bar on your pickup truck that you use to plow your driveway in the winter time, there is no waiting around for the light. Flip the switch and you are ready to go. You get light instantly when you turn it on.

8. Your Vehicle’s Electrical System Will Not Need To Be Modified

In almost all cases, you can be sure that your new Totron LED light bar will run with your vehicle. Most cars and trucks supply 13.8 DC voltage. This particular one reports 10 to 30 volts DC as its input range. As long as your vehicle or vehicles use a 12V, 24V, or 48V system that falls within the range for the product, there is no need for any modifications. You can install the lights, connect them to your vehicle’s power supply, and enjoy the benefits quickly.

9. Built To Last

LED bulbs have no filament, no metal wear, do not oxidize, and suffer no evaporation of electrical components. They are much different from other types of light bulbs in that they can last a lifetime. Each of Totron’s light bars, including the TLB 3180, claims a lifespan of over 30,000 hours. That means, if run them continuously 24 hours a day, Totron lights installed on your vehicle could last at least three and a half years.

10. Additional Features

The manufacturer of this light bar makes it dust proof, which is very important. Dust is often overlooked as a hazard to lighting, but it can do serious damage. Totron makes this light bar dustproof as well as waterproof. The lights can be submerged in water up to one meter deep


LED light bars are installed on a variety of vehicles to enhance the ability to see while driving at night. They are used by heavy equipment operators while working at night or in conditions where more light is needed.

If you own an ATV, boat, off-road vehicle, or simply want to improve your car or truck’s ability to illuminate at night, Totron has the perfect product to suit your application – the TLB3180. It is a high quality, reliable, and cost-effective lighting solution.

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