The Best 52 Inch Cree LED Light Bars

Autofeel 7D 52 Inch has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 based on 19 user reviews.

There are many factors in finding the right Cree LED light bar to perform the task at hand. In addition to price, consumers must consider the LEDs and frame construction. Some Cree LED lights are of a higher quality compared to others, which means brighter light along with a longer life. Lens style and reflectors also affect the quality of light emitted. Type of bar frame is another factor. Here are our picks for the best 52 inch Cree LED light bars.

1. Autofeel 7D

Autofeel 7D

The combination flood/spot, curved 52-inch light bar comes equipped with durable Cree LED lights. Along with fish eye and serrated lens covers, the Autofeel fixture additionally has a reflective cup that surrounds each LED lamp. The 7D, tri-row enhancement increases overall efficiency. In effect, the light bar emits brighter, crisper, more focused white light. With greater visibility over long distances, drivers need not crawl through unknown territory.

The aluminum housing is sturdily built and designed to last. The aluminum alloy combined with rear cooling fins disperse and remove heat more evenly, which increases the life of the light bar up to 50,000 hours. A military grade breather built into the side of each light prevents internal condensation. The Autofeel 7D carries a shock-proof and waterproof rating of IP67. The curved frame emits light over a broader field that includes the sides of a vehicle. Each unit comes with the light bar, standard mounting brackets and a wiring harness.

2. Yitamotor

Yitamotor 52 inch

The 52-inch Yitamotor curved light bars are available with black, blue or white housing frames. Including the brackets, the bars measure 53.8 inches x 4.5 inches by 3.3 inches. Each package comes with the light, wiring harness and brackets. The device features a shock and waterproof rating of IP68. When properly installed, the built-in drain capably removes moisture that might enter the housing when positioned on lower regions of a vehicle. Many prefer applying a small bead of silicone around the light, which acts as a moisture barrier. The curved light bar features a double row of LED bulbs designed to provide up to 50,000 hours of faithful service. Each unit contains an array of 12 flood, 76 spot and 12 flood bulbs. The combination gives the amount and type of light needed for the best illumination possible.

3. Rigidhorse

Rigidhorse 52 inch

Rigidhorse is not affiliated with Rigid Industries. However, the lesser known company is gaining acceptance for the affordable but quality produced line of products they offer consumers. Similar to pricier versions, the 52-inch light bars feature sturdy aluminum housing complete with rear cooling vents and a side-mounted military grade breather, which inhibits condensation. Regardless of how long the lights remain illuminated, the unit always stays cool to the touch.

Internal Cree LED light chips are popular world-wide and known for providing exceptional performance while not requiring much power. The combination of 100 flood/spot lights feature serrated and fish eye lenses backed by mirrored, reflective cups that are synonymous with brilliant 5D lighting capability. The updated technology emits light that is exponentially brighter than models having the 4D design. Each package comes with the light bar, brackets and wiring harness. Uninstalled, the unit weighs little more than 14.5 pounds and measures 52 inches x 9 inches x 6 inches.

4. Kansmart

Kansmart 52 inch

Kansmart is another company that makes light bars with all of the bells and whistles of high-end models but without the expensive brand name. The units feature the same durable aluminum alloy frame with cooling vents and breather to ensure proper heat dispersal while preventing interior moisture.

The dual-row, 100 LED light display contains the reputable Cree chips and provides a combination of flood and light illumination. Each lamp is also created using the innovative 5D projection design. By surrounding each LED with a polished mirror cup and completely encapsulating the units with either a fish eye or a serrated lens, the lamps are fully protected while producing three times the light over 4D models. Shock proof and waterproof, the light bar carries an IP rating of 68.

5. Mictuning

Mictuning 52 inch

Mictuning remains one of the leading makers of LED light bars. With an IP67 dust and waterproof rating, the unit is appropriate for use on ATVs, boats, SUV, trucks or anywhere extra illumination is needed. Along with the 100 LED combination flood/spot light, the package comes with 12 feet of wiring, which includes a rocker on/off switch that also lights up when the light bar is functional. Each package also contains stainless steel brackets and all of the hardware necessary to properly install the fixture. The kit additionally comes with a wiring diagram, and Mictuning light bars carry a two-year warranty.

While many light bar models have eight rear cooling fins, the Mictuning corrosion-resistant, die-cast aluminum housing features 10. The quality design ensures optimal heat disbursement while keeping the exterior of the unit cool. The combined features of famous Cree LED lights, reflective cups and fish eye lenses provide focused, high-intensity white light. Each device offers a full 60 degrees of flood lighting with central 30 degrees of spotlight. The light bar itself weighs 17 pounds and measures 51.5 inches x 4.1 inches x 5.3 inches before installation.

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