The Best 24 Inch Cree LED Light Bars

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If you’re searching for a new light bar for your vehicle, you want to be sure that you get the most for your money. These five LED light bars are the best of the best! Each of the 24-inch bars earns high marks for performance and reliability. Read on to discover our picks for the 5 best light bars and find out our reasons for these recommendations.

1. KanSmart

KanSmart 24 inch

The KanSmart 24-inch LED light bar is designed to impress. It features a unique 5D optic design that includes a 5D projector lens, and this design allows it to be up to 200 percent brighter than traditional light bars. The KanSmart light bar works well at both long distances and close ranges. Since it features top quality CREE LEDs, you’ll notice a positive difference in brightness and performance.

This product also offers impressive versatility. Spot and flood beams are integrated into the light bar to give you even more lighting options. It’s long enough to fit longer window lengths, such as those on full-size pickup trucks. The KanSmart LED light bar comes with everything you need for installation, and users appreciate that it is easy to install with clear instructions. The manufacturer also protects your investment by offering a 2-year warranty on KanSmart light bar purchases.

2. Primeprolight

Primeprolight 24 inch

If you want to try out a light bar without making a big investment, it’s hard to beat the value of this bargain-priced product. It’s amazing to be able to get a reliable light bar for less than the cost of dinner and a movie. The Primeprolight is one of the most inexpensive products on our list, but it still provides buyers with consistent performance.

Although the Primeprolight 24-inch LED light bar is priced to sell, it also offers several features that are attractive to buyers. The product is waterproof with an anti-corrosion coating, so its ready to stand up to heat, rain and all of the other elements that are a part of being out in nature. The light bar’s aluminum casing is shockproof, so the bar is built to stand up during your most extreme off-roading adventures without any damage.


Yitamotor 24 inch

Another excellent option for buyers on a budget is the YITAMOTOR 24-inch LED light bar. This is a great choice for a first-time light bar purchaser or installer because it is a simple piece that is easy to install and operate. The YITAMOTOR light bar features 120 watts of power, so it’s bright enough to light up even the darkest areas while off-roading.

YITAMOTOR has not skimped in quality in order to offer this light bar at such a reasonable price point. The 24-inch light bar has earned CE and FCC certifications, and it has also passed the IP 68 waterproof test. The current bar is the 2nd generation of YITAMOTOR light bars, and the company’s improvements in design and output are easy to notice. The combination beam angle offers both spot and flood lighting.

4. Penton

Penton 24 inch

If you want to get as much brightness as possible from your light bar, you’ll appreciate the power of the Penton 24-inch LED bar. The bar gives an impressive 160 watts of brightness, while many competitor brands offer only 120 watts for at around the same price point. This versatile bar can be installed on trucks, ATVs, UTVs, SUVs and numerous other types of vehicles. It is equipped with a 10 to 30 volt DC power source.

Users appreciate the Penton light bar’s lightweight design and competitive price. The die cast aluminum housing keeps the light source safe, while the tough class lens material is nearly shatterproof. The light bar arrives with a firm aluminum bracket, so you’ll have everything you need for the quick installation process on hand.

5. Shanren

Shanren 24 inch

The Shanren 24-inch LED light bar offers impressive visibility at a low price. The bar is outfitted with 40 high power LEDs, and it offers different light angles to increase versatility. Use the 30-degree angle setting for a spotlight, or change to the 60-degree flood angle for a wide, bright beam of light.

You never know where your adventures will take you, but the Shanren LED light bar is up to the task. It has earned IP 67 waterproof designation, and the PMMA tough glass material keeps the lens from shattering as you tackle big bumps and curves. The necessary wiring is included with your purchase, but you’ll need to purchase an on/off switch separately if you desire this feature.

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