Penton 44-inch Light Bar Review

Penton 44-inch Light Bar

Light up the night with the 44” LED light bar from Penton. This full sized light bar fits perfectly on off-road vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Penton builds a solid product that performs far beyond its price range. The 44” model’s casing is made of die cast aluminum and the lens formed from hardened glass to make it as rugged as it is bright. The relatively low power draw makes it ideal for installation on any DC power system from 10 to 45 volts. Drawing 20 amps at 12v and 10 amps at 24v it can easily run on factory electrical systems without worrying about overloading the alternator. Still not sure? Here are a few more reasons to check this light bar out.


CREE is an industry leader in semiconductor and microchip production. Their high-efficiency LED chips produce an amazingly bright pure white light while using less power than competitors. For you this means longer battery life and less load on the alternator while running the light bar.

Combination Pattern

Penton uses precision shaped lenses to focus the light produced by the LEDs into a combination spot and flood pattern. The outer lights spread out in a 60 degree cone to light up the surroundings. The center lenses focus the beam in a 30 degree cone to pierce the night farther out in front of the bar. This combination gives excellent illumination both up-close and at a distance making it an excellent choice for any nighttime work or play.

Built to Last

Aside from the cast aluminum and hardened glass every light bar from penton is rated at the IP67 level for dust and water resistance. While not quite ready for installation on a submarine, lights with this rating can withstand extremely fine dust as well as immersion in up to 32 feet of water. Penton is so sure of their product each light bar comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects. The lights themselves are rated to last over 30,000 hours of use.

If you are looking for a way to shed some light on your nightly activities without breaking the bank, the Penton 44” LED light bar is a great choice. It performs as well as many models which cost 5x as much. With the top quality materials and 2-year warranty you don’t have to worry that you are getting a cheap product.

 Auxbeam 42-inchShanren 42-inchPenton 44-inch
Dimensions44.3 x 7 x 5.5 inches44.5 x 7.4 x 5.2 inches44 x 3 x 3.5 inches
LEDs80 * 3Watt CREE80 * 3Watt EPISTAR80 * 3Watt EPISTAR
Life Time50,000 hours50,000 hours30,000 hours
BeamFlood beam (60 degree) and Spot beam (30 degree) comboFlood beam (60 degree) and Spot beam (30 degree) comboFLOOD & SPOT COMBO
IP RatingIP67 - Dust Tight, Immersion upto 1mIP68 - Dust Tight, Immersion beyond 1mIP67 - Dust Tight, Immersion upto 1m

2 thoughts on “Penton 44-inch Light Bar Review

  1. J. Wright says:

    I bought this bar to install on the front of my Peterbilt semi. I haul hogs and drive down many poorly maintained country roads and paths at night. It is not uncommon for me to drive to a location in order to load the truck in the middle of the night, load the livestock, and drive to the sale barn. This light bar has proven instrumental in illuminating the entire process. I am more than satisfied with this product.

  2. KNBrown says:

    This is a really great product. After reading the many reviews, I hesitated by the light bar at first. For the price, I decided to take a chance and am glad I did. I installed the light bar on a Yamaha Rhino and cannot believe the level of brightness that this thing produces. So far it has handled the abuse well. I have no complaints and would recommend the light to others.

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