Oslamp Curved 50-inch Light Bar Review

Oslamp 50inch

Whether it’s to extend the time spent on an off-road adventure or to get extra work done after sunset, additional lighting for sports or work vehicles can keep the darkness from becoming an overwhelming headache. Because of legal road restrictions, normal headlights can’t supply the needed brightness when the route is unpaved. For these occasions, light bars like the Oslamp 50” Curved Light Bar are the answer. This light bar offers long-range coverage, so there’s no chance of overrunning your own lights. What’s more, as an integrated fixture, there’s only a couple of brackets to attach and you’re good to go.

Extending Daylight

The Oslamp 50” Curved Light Bar has distinguished itself from other competitors by having, at 48,000 lumens, the strongest output of any of the popular light bars. It accomplishes this by containing two strips of Osram LED lights with 48 bulbs in each string. These lights consume three watts of power each, and they top other LEDs by including a fisheye lens that focuses the light in a narrow beam. The result is a fixture that can effectively penetrate hundreds of yards ahead of the vehicle. All this is achieved with a total power usage of just 288 watts. Also, the Oslamp 50” Light Bar uses a curved arrangement that aims the center lights in a spotlight configuration of ten degrees while the outer bulbs throw a wider floodlight array of 40 degrees.

A Resilient Addition

Possessing an aerodynamic profile and weighing only 16.6 pounds might give the impression that the Oslamp 50” Curved Light Bar isn’t up to the extreme demands of unpaved pathways, but it’s more than ready for these tasks. As solid state devices, the LEDs themselves are more than a match for any filament-containing bulbs. They have no internal components that can shake loose. The lights are mounted in an aluminum enclosure that, with its long, thin dimensions, can quickly dissipate any heat from the fixture. Although, with a rating of IP67, it’s highly resistant to water, it comes equipped with a pressure regulation valve that can also allow any moisture that gets inside to be drained. Combining these factors with the 50,000 hour lifespan of the LEDs produces a light bar that’ll be spending quite some time atop your vehicle.

 Eyourlife 52-inchOslamp 50-inchShanren 50-inch
Dimensions54 x 10.3 x 5.6 inches52 x 9 x 6 inches55 x 6.2 x 8.8 inches
LEDs100 * 3W EPISTAR 96 * 3W OSRAM96 * 3W CREE
Life Time30,000 hours50,000 hours30,000 hours
BeamSpot 30 degree & Flood 60 degree comboSpot 10 degree & Flood 40 degree comboSpot 30 degree & Flood 60 degree combo
IP RatingIP68 - Dust Tight, Immersion beyond 1mIP67 - Dust Tight, Immersion upto 1mIP67 - Dust Tight, Immersion upto 1m

6 thoughts on “Oslamp Curved 50-inch Light Bar Review

  1. Jc says:

    For the price, this is a quality light. I initially purchased a different brand for a similar cost. Nevertheless, it was a substandard product. The first rainstorm that we had after I installed the light resulted in a great deal of condensation behind the lenses.
    The Oslamp emits a well focused spotlight and an impressive flood. Once I finished with the installation, I turned off the garage lights and was pleased with the power of this light bar. I have found that cheaper light bars are more flood than spots. The Oslamp bar actually illuminates the distance. I adjusted the angle of the light and the bar now throws light to a distance of about 200 feet. I also like the blackground of the LEDs and the purge valve that vents condensation. Cheaper models not having this feature last a few months and short out. I rate the Oslamp bar at A+ and have recommended it to a friend.

  2. S. Harp says:

    Before buying a light bar, I did some research. I found that light bars of this size vary in price up to $1,500. However, none have the quality of the Oslamp. I bought a different set of mounting brackets and installed the light on the roof of my pickup. Though I’ve only had the light for little more than a week I cannot review its longevity. But, I believe that the quality construction will prove durable. From what I can tell, this light bar is well worth the money.

  3. Daniel says:

    I love this light bar and the extremely bright light. I bought the product for my Jeep. Unlike many other brands, the Oslamp has individual projectors, which extends the shine distance. The light bar is very easy to install for anyone having a basic knowledge the electrical workings of vehicles. The curved bars also give you more light coverage compared to straight bars.

  4. Alek says:

    This light bar is rubbish i dont know why i even bought it the light doesnt go 100m infront off me that i can see . Bought a off road industries bar the best thing i have ever spent money on

  5. ignacio says:

    i have a oslamp52″ curved light bar, 288 watts, 48000 lumens it s powerful , i go offroading, there is no other light bar with the distance and light output like mine, it is one mega light. i want to buy another one where can i buy one .

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