Oslamp Curved 42-inch Light Bar Review

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Vehicles for off-pavement travel come in all sizes from two-seater ATVs to massive dump trucks. The Oslamp 42” Curved Light Bar has the right dimensions to fit all of them while providing ample lighting to cover the way. By day, the ruts, craters, loose gravel, and low branches that characterize many unofficial routes can be both fun and challenging. When dark sets in, only a good auxiliary lighting system can keep things this way. The Oslamp 42” Light Bar has the reach and brilliance to prevent a rough ride from turning into a nightmare.

Nowhere To Hide

The Oslamp 42” Curved Light Bar uses the Osram 3 watt LED bulb with a polycarbonate fisheye lens cover as its key to success. These lights generate a more brilliant output than the typical rear reflector used by other LED light bars. Two strings with 40 bulbs each give a full effect of 40,000 lumens of 6500K white light that won’t strain your eyes while sipping an overall 240 watts of juice. With its shallow arch design, this fixture directs its middle lights in a spotlight pattern of 10 degrees. The outer bulbs, meanwhile, create a 40 degree floodlight, so it can expose any potential trouble cloaked by the darkness. This power and portability makes them terrific accessories for watercraft as well.

Outlasting All Others

The 14 pound Oslamp 42” Curved Light Bar uses an aluminum housing with a black paint finish that’s as rugged as the LED lights themselves. As solid state semiconductors, LEDs can handle the harsh treatment of rock-strewn roads that could easily jar loose the internal parts of competing halogen and HID or xenon bulbs. Unlike HID lights, LEDs don’t need a warm-up period. Since they convert nearly all their energy to light, they burn far less electricity than halogens, and they won’t get nearly as hot as xenon bulbs. Above all else, they won’t need replacing anytime soon. They’re estimated to last 50,000 hours. Compare this to just 1,000 hours for halogens and 2,000 hours for HIDs. Toss in the IP67 rating against dust, debris, and water, and you’ve got an auxiliary light that’ll become a permanent part of your vehicle.

 Auxbeam 42-inchShanren 42-inchOslamp 42-inch
Dimensions44.3 x 7 x 5.5 inches44.5 x 7.4 x 5.2 inches44.8 x 7.2 x 5.2 inches
LEDs80 * 3Watt CREE80 * 3Watt EPISTAR80 * 3Watt OSRAM
Life Time50,000 hours50,000 hours50,000 hours
BeamFlood beam (60 degree) and Spot beam (30 degree) comboFlood beam (60 degree) and Spot beam (30 degree) comboSpot(10 degree)& Flood(40 degree) Combo
IP RatingIP67 - Dust Tight, Immersion upto 1mIP68 - Dust Tight, Immersion beyond 1mIP67 - Dust Tight, Immersion upto 1m

4 thoughts on “Oslamp Curved 42-inch Light Bar Review

  1. Randall J. says:

    I have owned many different light bars. I was excited to get this product and install in on my vehicle. I was finally able to take my commander hog hunting. The light is advertised at producing 40,000 lumens. That very well may be as this light threw a beam that I measured to be about 600 yards. I plan on ordering a slightly longer light bar for my pick-up. I highly recommended Oslamp light bars. While many brands contain Cree LED lights, this light bar features Osram chipped LEDs. The lights are five watts not the traditional three watts. Research the difference for yourself. Overall, I give the product 5 stars.

  2. Jeremy says:

    What an awesome light! I got this light to mount on my honda ridgeline truck and the light itself is 50″ long, it comes with a power cord that is pretty short, about 2 feet so you will need to get a harness or other power cord to connect this too. The light also comes with mounting hardware and the overall build construction is solid. I mean this thing is hefty and will withstand rocks from the road hitting it, sitting in the sun, you name it this light is just tough. The light itself is very bright using fish eye style filters it directs the light exactly where you want it without a lot of light bleed. Mounted on my bumper this easily is 10 times brighter than my headlights even with them on bright mode. Overall a phenomenal light, excellent quality, I recommend it if you are looking for this style light. I hope to have pictures posted shortly.

  3. Connor M. says:

    I bought this light bar for my boat, as I fish on the ocean. This light bar impressively shines through the fog and rain, which also lets other boaters to see my position. The Oslamp light bar performs better than I anticipated. I am really pleased with the product overall.

  4. Ron says:

    Over the years I have used many LED lights. Nevertheless, I am really pleased with the overall design and performance of this light. This light bar is one of the highest quality products. I think the Oslamp curved light bar is a great value for the money. I would recommend it.

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