OPT7 C2 LED Light Bar Review

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Living in a quiet area has its perks for somebody like me, but empty roads lack the street lights needed for me to feel safe while driving my 4×4. Even full beams don’t provide enough illumination, and it’s a problem many people solve by modifying their vehicle with an LED light bar. To help you make an informed purchase if you’re considering a light bar, I’ve created this Opt7 C2 LED Light Bar review packed full of useful information.


Opt7 produce a broad range of light bars, but its off-road bars are its best-selling with the C2 being its mid-range solution. The company aims to provide high-quality and durable products at the best value for money in the market, and they claim to hold the number one position in the automotive lighting industry.

It’s an upgrade from the C1 Light Bar, the C2 claiming an improved design and increased longevity. However, the C1 is still highly durable with an IP67 Rating making a good option for those looking to make a saving.

If you want to increase visibility on easy-to-navigate roads, you might want to save your cash and look for some powerful headlamps, with choices of halogen, LED amongst more.

However, if the highest amount of visibility at night is vital, the Opt7 C2 Light Bar might prove to be a smart purchase, providing more light than halogen while causing less fuzz for oncoming drivers. Additionally, the Opt7 is more energy efficient than many leading headlights and competing light bars in a similar price range.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Light Bar

Areas that aren’t considered urbanized out in the country rarely have the lights and facilities needed to navigate at night. Light bars are regarded as one of the best pieces of equipment to solve the problem. But it’s important to remember how you’ll affect other driver’s view if you have one installed.

There may even be legal requirements to consider depending exactly where you live. You might want to avoid lights that are blue or red if you don’t want to break the law, and lights that are super bright illuminating a considerable distance ahead can be a call for unwanted attention.

If you’re the kind of person who drives off-road, you’ll need a sturdy light bar that can take a bit of a beating. If you’re planning on using your vehicle to go camping or even night fishing, you’ll need a product that has a good battery life when the vehicle isn’t running. 

Of course, you’ll also need to check carefully what features accompany its price tag. Products amongst different manufacturers can vary quite a lot, but heavy duty is an essential factor that should affect your decision. It’s just one of the reasons I chose to review the Opt7 C2.

Features and Benefits

The Opt7 C2 is made with Cree LED lights, and the X-BD CREE LEDs are an upgrade from the lights found on the C1 version. These lights are integrated with advanced Bright™ Technology, and all that means is that it produces 260lm per light (which is also legal in most states).In basic terms, that’s a lot of light. Even treacherous weather conditions will have a tough time impeding your vision. It also features a dual beam system, which means it boasts light coverage at both spot and flood angles (30° and 60°, respectively).

If you’re looking for a product that provides lots of clarity with a clean beam, this may well be the ideal solution for you. You’ll struggle to find a competing product for a better price with similar lighting capabilities.

Prices and Product Range

As you can probably guess, the larger sized lights are what’s going to affect the price. The C2 is available in the sizes of 8, 14, 22, 32, 42 and 50 inches.

Before you make a purchase, the size is something you might want to consider carefully. The 50-inch option will cost you a little more, which is – in my opinion – a bargain for what you get. However, you might want to save some money by purchasing a smaller unit if you only intend to illuminate straight and wide roads better.

The larger the light, the more wattage it requires, which also mean it’s going to cost you a little more to power. The 50 inch uses 288 watts, and that’s a lot of required energy compared to the 8-inch model that uses just 36 watts.

My advice is to go somewhere in the middle, perhaps a 22 or 32 inch because it’s something you only really want to buy occasionally. There’s no point trying to save cash by purchasing the cheapest option that isn’t going to be sufficient.


This is an area where Opt7 have really tried to improve the C2 when compared to the C1. This product boasts an impressive 50,000 or more hours of light, and if that’s true, it’s astonishingly well priced compared to similar products.

That lifespan will come in especially handy if you need to illuminate your surroundings for a long night of fishing or camping. It’s also nice to know that your vehicle’s battery won’t be drained too quickly when using the light bar for a prolonged amount of time.


Another area that makes the Opt7 great value is its heavy duty construction, a real must if you’re attaching it to a 4×4 or SUV that sees a lot of off-road action. With its powder coated aluminum surface, this product provides tough resistance to corrosion, and mounting brackets constructed with thick aluminum are designed to keep the light bar firmly in place. Both excellent features if your favorite hobby is tearing up the dirt. To give you an idea of just how heavy duty this product is, it has an IP67 Rating against the outdoors. In laymen terms, that means it’s proved itself to provide complete protection against dust and additionally, it’s waterproof in depths up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. This product could be perfect for you if driving in a variety of terrains, from off-road trails to snow, is commonplace.

Perfect for Almost Any Type of Vehicle

With the ability to attach the Opt7 C2 to a wide range of vehicles, it’s not just a product destined to be used for off-road purposes. In fact, you could attach it to a car, truck, SUV, tractor, ATV or even a boat if you so please.

Opt7 also prides itself on how easy its products are to install. Purchasing the product in the first place requires an investment, so you might be interested in this item if you want to eliminate the fees for professional installation. Needless to say, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you could end up causing costly damage, so use your own initiative to decide which course of action is best for you.

Other Features

The C2 has over-sized fins with ridges fitted on each fin to maximize airflow and boost its overall cooling capabilities. Additionally, its side-to-side heat sink has been designed to allow heat to dissipate evenly and quickly.

Regarding improvements made since the C1, the power cord is now located to the side to provide more heat sink per square inch, and all that powerful cooling ability is a major contributor to the C2’s increased lifespan.

You’ll also be running little to no risk of experiencing foggy lenses thanks to the addition of a Moisture Evaporator Valve. You might now be able to see why I think this is a handy little gadget that’s exceptional for its price.


Overall, I feel that this is a great product for those who need more light driving around badly-lit suburbs, but it’s particularly useful to those who need to drive off-road or enjoy some adventure driving at night. It’ sturdy design and heavy-duty construction coupled with an impressive lifespan and a more than reasonable price tag makes it the perfect solution for night-time driving. And thanks to features with regards to avoiding foggy lenses and damage from the elements, I think it’s a product you can feel confident in placing your trust.

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