Epistar 50 LED Light Bar Review

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Living out in the suburbs has the advantages of being surrounded by camping, fishing and off-roading opportunities, which is why many of us drive a 4×4 or other type of truck. But living in the suburbs has its challenges.

I find navigating badly-lit roads and enjoying nature difficult when I can barely see a thing, and if you’re in the same situation, you might consider purchasing a light bar for your vehicle. Here’s my Epistar LED light bar review to help you make an informed purchase.

Epistar 50

Epistar is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of LED products, for phones and laptops as well as light bars. Its 50 inch light bar claims to feature a top cooling system and super-wide coverage, and its price is one of the most competitive in the industry when comparing specifications.The Epistar LED Light Bar boasts some useful features.It might be the ideal light attachment for your off-roader or ATV if you need to navigate tough terrain and highlight any potential hazards. However, to avoid startling oncoming drivers when you’re using the light bar on roads, you’ll need to get into the habit if flicking it into flood mode.

Things To Consider Before Buying An LED Light Bar

Sparsely populated areas rarely have the street lights we need to feel safe, and setting up camp or tackling off-road trails are filled with hazards that are hard to spot during at night. The headlights that come as standard with our vehicles just won’t do, and that’s why LED light bars are an intelligent purchase. Also, night fishing is made much easier with a light bar attachment on either a vehicle or a boat, and setting up a tent won’t be too challenging in situations where nature only provides you with darkness.

There are other less common uses for light bars too, such as brightly illuminating your backyard to deter pests or illuminate any activity, or for providing a bright light to provide a clear view of an accident scene.

Having said that, if you only need to light straight or smooth roads, you might be better off buying LED headlights rather than a bar. You could make a small saving, and they provide more than enough illumination for standard use. If you’ve decided a light bar is an ideal product for you, you’ll need to look at how much wattage the bulbs require, its cooling capabilities, and how much of the view ahead it illuminates. Additionally, you’ll need to know it’s durable enough to handle off-road trails and – of course – that you’re purchasing a product that offers value for money.


This Epistar LED Light Bar’s 50-inch length is already considered a large size, and its curved shape has been designed to illuminate a wider surrounding area than light bars with a straight shape. (That would’ve been useful when I needed to find the trail I’d lost while attempting a successful night-time off-roading session). It’s built with two rows of LEDs totaling 96 pieces that produce 28,000 lm, and that kind of power is going to be a great help when you’re driving in foggy, rainy or dusty conditions.

In addition, it’s manufactured with the LEDs nestled inside a full aluminum housing. Aluminum is a durable material and provides exceptional resistance to corrosion. That means it could be an ideal product for you if your vehicle regular sits outside, or if you enjoy driving in rainy conditions or on wet, muddy tracks. To protect the LED chips from the front, the lights themselves are made from treated, toughened glass that can withstand hard impacts. That’s just what I need to know to feel confident about using my light bar when driving through low-hanging branches.

In order for you to attach this light bar to your vehicle, it is fitted with an Alu Firm Bracket with an adjustable angle. You might have to play around with the angle for the first few uses to make sure it doesn’t make a whistling sound, but the chances of experiencing that problem are relatively slim. If you really struggle to eliminate the whistling sound, some people have their own fix ideas.


The Epistar Light Bar claims to work in temperatures from as low as minus 40 degrees Celsius to around 80 degrees. Needless to say, you’re unlikely going to be driving anywhere that’s nearly as hot as that, but if you live in certain parts of the country where winter temperatures can drop well below freezing, you’ll want to know your equipment will put up a decent fight.

You might be more interested in its lifespan now you know it does well against the elements, and the Epistar 50 inch Light Bar claims a lifespan of a minimum of 30,000 hours. That means it might be a handy purchase if you need to light up a campsite. Additionally, you won’t have to waste fuel by leaving your engine running for a prolonged period.

With three beam angle options, it’s useful in most situations, and you can avoid startling drivers when you’re driving along pedestrian roads. Opting for the combination of flood beam (60-degree angle) and spot beam (30-degree angle) angle provides you with the most light for the really tricky driving situations.


The Epistar Light Bar’s IP67 certification further demonstrates its durability. It means tests have proven that it’s totally protected and sealed from dust, and that helps to prevent muffled light as well as damage. Also, this light bar is waterproof when submerged in depths up to one meter – so if you’re a passionate off-roader, you might benefit from this piece of equipment.

It also has a CE and RoHS certification, which essentially proves it complies will all health, safety and environmental directives required for sale in the European market.

I think it’s worth noting at this point that LED light bars mostly comply with road laws in the USA, though individual state laws can differ, so you might want to check the vehicle modification regulations in your area. In most cases, you won’t have any problems so long as your lights don’t shine red or blue. This light bar shines pure white – 6000K – and the following video will give you an idea of what that looks like.


This light bar can attach to almost any vehicle, which you might like the sound of if you have a car, SUV, and modified off-roader. As it’s easy to install, you won’t have too much difficulty using it for more than one vehicle, but that depends on how often you’ll be required to re-attach. You might want to opt for the option of investing a little bit more if you’d rather not have to deal with the hassle.

Also, you can also attach this light bar to boats (look below to get an idea of how cool that looks), engineering equipment and even military vehicles. If you’re quite the adventurer with a broad range of night time hobbies, you’ll likely find this light bar to be a very useful asset.

Cooling Capabilities

The Epistar 50 Light Bar claims to feature one of the best cooling systems, and that’s thanks in part to its low power consumption of 288W. With each LED chip positioned in their own individual reflector, it has an excellent optical efficiency which is another feature that reduces its power consumption to prevent overheating. In addition, it has vertical fins located on the back that expose a large amount of surface area to dissipate heat as quickly as possible as well as evenly. Overheating is a huge cause of broken bulbs, and you’re less likely to have to invest in repairs soon after purchasing if the risk of overheating is minimized.


I think this product serves its purpose very well, with powerful illumination, a proven durable construction, and multi-functionality. For whatever reason you need an extra bright light, this product will do the trick.

If you use it responsibly, you won’t run the risk of startling oncoming drivers, and you’ll be able to spot all hazards in any situation with its intelligent curved design – it’s also available at a competitive price!

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