How To Eliminate LED Light Bar Wind Noise

Have you ever been driving down the road and all of a sudden you hear a really obnoxious whistling noise? Did this start happening when you installed your LED light bar? Yeah, I feel your pain. I took a road trip with a friend of mine right after he installed his and all I could hear was that whistling noise. It got to the point where I made him pull off to the next hardware store we saw so that we could hopefully find something to help.

I figured out how to get rid of that pesky noise for good. So, if you’re looking for a quick solution to this issue, here’s how to fix wind noise on your LED light bar.​

What You’ll Need

  • 2 36” Lower Door Seals
  • Scotch Tape
  • Clear Gorilla Tape
  • Tape Measure

Edge Trim Alternative

If for some reason, the above materials do not work for you, or it did not solve your problem, try the edge trim alternative. This version requires you to take edge trim and stick it to each one of the vents on the back of your light bar. The reason your light bar is making that whistling noise is because the wind is hitting each one of those vent fins. So, if this is a route you need to take, which I honestly don’t recommend, then you need to get some edge trim and stick it to each vent fin. The reason I don’t recommend this is because those vents are there for a reason-to cool your light bar down. If these are compromised, it could cause your light bar to not function properly or to overheat.

Step By Step Instructions

Alright, now that you have everything you need to fix that LED light bar noise, let’s get started on how to properly do it.

Step 1: Remove Your Light Bar

I know, really? You just put it on and the last thing you want to do is take it back off, but hey, if you want quietness while you’re driving, it needs to be done. So, remove your light bar so that you have clear access to those vents. You can do this with whatever tools you used to mount those brackets to your vehicle. If you can, have someone help you with this process. This will ensure that your light bar brackets aren’t being tweaked or twisted. It also makes the process much easier and shorter.

Step 2: Measure The Seal

Before you just go and slap the seal on the light bar, you are going to want to measure it. If you have a longer light bar, use two seals. Measure them to the exact length and use scotch tape to stick them together. The scotch tape is barely noticeable. If you don’t want to use scotch tape because you feel it won’t hold it together, you can opt for Clear Gorilla tape. Make sure you match the uncut edge to the other strip to ensure a clean look at the joint. This will help the cut end blend in more with the end of the light bar.

Step 3: Install The Door Seal

The seal has an adhesive strip on it so you won’t have to use any type of screws or special glues, which is nice. So what you want to do is install the door seal on the first fin closest to the windshield. Make sure you press firmly on the seal so that it gets a nice grip on the fin. The longer and harder you hold the seal to the fin, the better it is going to stick.

Step 4: Re-mount

After you place the seal on the bottom fin, the next step is to mount the LED light bar back on your vehicle. You can do this by following the instructions for your specified light bar since not all of them are the same. Again, try this with the help of someone else. This speeds up the process and avoids unnecessary tweaked bolts and brackets.

Step 5: Take It For A Spin

Possibly the most important step here is to take the vehicle for a test drive to ensure that your new light bar wind noise eliminator is working correctly, which we hope that it is. If not, you may need to try the less popular method I mentioned above that I don’t really recommend.


Well, I hope that this remedy fixed your light bar wind noise problem and you enjoyed my tutorial. I have heard the sound and I can certainly tell you that it’s a nuisance, so I am more than happy to help you fix this issue. If you have any comments, questions, ideas, or anything else you would like to add, send us a comment. Oh, I almost forgot! Share the article if you liked it!

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