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xenLight 52-inch Curved Light Bar Review

The 52” curved LED light bar from xenLight offers serious lighting options for a reasonable price. The super-bright CREE LEDs produce over 30,000 lumens of brightness at a fraction of the power consumption of HID or xenon bulbs. LEDs are...Read More


Eyourlife 32-inch Light Bar Review

The 32 inch LED light bar from Eyourlife is a great product for the price. Solid construction and ample brightness allow this bargain priced bar to perform as well as competitors which cost ten times more. The 32 inch size...Read More


Auxbeam 32-inch Light Bar Review

The Auxbeam 32″ Light Bar is an incredibly bright led light bar at a reasonable price. If you need auxiliary lighting for your vehicle, this is a solid purchase that you will not regret. Made up of 60 individual LED...Read More


u-Box 53-inch Curved Light Bar Review

Light bars are usually associated with off-roading, but they’re actually quite versatile. Certainly, taking any vehicle through rough terrain or pothole-covered road can be a recipe for disaster if you can’t see what’s ahead. These are the occasions when a...Read More


Penton 51-inch Curved Light Bar Review

When desiring a stream of bright light for your off-road, work or emergency vehicle, you need not spend a fortune. Affordable LED light bars offer the illumination you need while conserving battery power. Extended curved bars nicely conform to the...Read More


Eyourlife 22-inch Light Bar Review

Eyourlife might be a small company competing in the light bar market, but it has created a significant niche with motorists and off-road enthusiasts. The Eyourlife reputation is for affordable light bars that are both functional and bright. The Eyourlife...Read More


Shanren 50-inch Curved Light Bar Review

While traveling on rural roads, on a vast lake or venturing through a thick forest, typical headlights or spotlights do not offer the visual clarity that this high-powered light bar can provide. The economically priced Shanren 50” curved light bar...Read More


Oslamp Curved 50-inch Light Bar Review

Whether it’s to extend the time spent on an off-road adventure or to get extra work done after sunset, additional lighting for sports or work vehicles can keep the darkness from becoming an overwhelming headache. Because of legal road restrictions,...Read More


Penton 24-inch Light Bar Review

Light bars are a hugely popular accessory for off-road enthusiasts, but not all drivers have an extensive budget for this item. Fortunately, there are products that function well and are reasonably priced. The Penton 24-inch Light Bar is one economical...Read More


Oslamp Curved 42-inch Light Bar Review

Vehicles for off-pavement travel come in all sizes from two-seater ATVs to massive dump trucks. The Oslamp 42” Curved Light Bar has the right dimensions to fit all of them while providing ample lighting to cover the way. By day,...Read More