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Penton 44-inch Light Bar Review

Light up the night with the 44” LED light bar from Penton. This full sized light bar fits perfectly on off-road vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Penton builds a solid product that performs far beyond its price range. The...Read More


Penton 51-inch Curved Light Bar Review

When desiring a stream of bright light for your off-road, work or emergency vehicle, you need not spend a fortune. Affordable LED light bars offer the illumination you need while conserving battery power. Extended curved bars nicely conform to the...Read More


Penton 24-inch Light Bar Review

Light bars are a hugely popular accessory for off-road enthusiasts, but not all drivers have an extensive budget for this item. Fortunately, there are products that function well and are reasonably priced. The Penton 24-inch Light Bar is one economical...Read More