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Auxbeam 42-inch Curved Light Bar Review

The market for light bars is extensive, and there is something for nearly every vehicle and purpose. There are also products that fit a variety of budgets. Luckily for many consumers, there are some products that rank highly with both...Read More


Auxbeam 50-inch Curved Light Bar Review

AuxBeam prides itself on being one of the leading manufacturers of LED light products. The large selection of award-winning light fixtures are designed to be affordable yet durable and offer quality performance. The company also frequently updates the technology contained...Read More


Auxbeam 22-inch Curved Light Bar Review

The 22 inch curved LED light bar from Auxbeam makes a great addition to any vehicle. The slightly curved design helps the CREE LEDs throw light over a larger area. Constructed of high-quality extruded aluminum the casing serves as an...Read More


Auxbeam 32-inch Light Bar Review

The Auxbeam 32″ Light Bar is an incredibly bright led light bar at a reasonable price. If you need auxiliary lighting for your vehicle, this is a solid purchase that you will not regret. Made up of 60 individual LED...Read More