What Is The Best LED Light Bar For UTVs?

MicTuning RDS has an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 based on 15 user reviews.

UTVs are a lot of fun if you buy one for recreational purposes, and there’s also the UTVs designed specifically for the construction site. Either way, they’re excellent at tearing up dirt and providing grip in wet conditions, and they can be modified to the extent where you can build a vehicle perfect for you needs. Modifications can come in very handy when you need to tackle hairpin corners and challenging trails, but if you’re driving at night, you might find installing an LED light bar to one of the most worthwhile.

LED light bars are possibly the most potent way to illuminate your area in badly-lit conditions, which is essential to your safety. But with so many products to choose from all at different prices, which should you buy? I’m going to help you decide on the best LED light bar for UTVs.

Top Rated Light Bars For UTVs Reviews

Now that you know what to look for in a light bar specifically for use on a UTV, I’d like to help you find a product perfect for you. That’s why I’ve created this list of UTV LED light bar reviews that are manufactured to a high quality and can take quite a beating.


MicTuning RDS

MicTuning RDS Series

This is another top rate light bar manufactured with a curved shape to illuminate a broad viewing area. Its small size of 22 inches and 12ft wiring harness means you won’t struggle to find a place to attach it to your UTV.

It features both spot and flood beams, but it only kicks out 12,500lm (mainly due to its smaller size) and has a shorter lifespan of 30,000 hours. As it’s powered with 12W, your engine won’t need to work too hard to power it, and it also boasts an IP67 rating, making it dustproof and waterproof.

Though its lifespan seems short compared to the previous product, it should still last many years if used responsibly. You might want to opt for a product with a larger lifespan if you’re planning to use it to light up a construction site frequently without the motor running.


Auxbeam Curved LED Light Bar

Auxbeam Curved LED Light Bar

This product is 32 inches in length and uses a total of 60 LEDs made by Philips with fisheye projector lenses to boost optical efficiency. It uses a total of 180W of power, 3W per LED, and kicks out 18,000 lumens (lm) of light.

In addition, its curved shape has been designed to illuminate a broad viewing area, and it claims to have a super focus effect as well as a beam over super long distances. It also features a combo beam so you can achieve both flood and spot angles, and its IP67 rating means it’s dustproof, shockproof and waterproof up to a maximum depth of one meter.

With a lifespan of approximately 50,000 hours, you might struggle to find anything that beats it outright on longevity, but beware – you may need a smaller bar depending on where you want to attach it.


THM Work LED Light Bar

THM Work LED Light Bar

This product markets itself as a product best used for work activities, including those on a construction site. It’s 20 inches in length and features 42 Cree LEDs kicking out 3W each for a total of 126W. Unlike the previous two products, it’s built with a straight design which could reduce its ability to illuminate a broad viewing area.

In total, it exudes 13,000lm of light, which though the smallest so far is mainly due to its smaller size. It has all aluminum housing which puts up excellent resistance to corrosion, and its included universal fitment means it’s easy for you to install on your UTV.

The specifications are quite competitive when compared to the MicTuning items, and it still boasts a combo beam, one year warranty and offers good value.


Econoled Off-Road LED Light Bar

Econoled Off-Road LED Light Bar

Similar to the THM Light Bar, the Econoled is built with a straight design at 20 inches in length. It’s fitted with 40 high-intensity LEDs for using 12 Watts, but it only propels 7,500lm. However, the reduced light output compared to the previous products gives it a very affordable price tag.

It too has an IP rating of 67 giving it excellent durability for off-road use, and its toughened PMMA lenses give it good optical efficiency. In addition, it expends zero UV emissions, doesn’t need to warm up to be put to use and has a lifespan of around 30,000 hours.

This might be the ideal product for you if you’re shopping on a tight budget, but it does lack the specifications of the previous products featured on my list.


Penton Combo Beam LED Light Bar

Penton Combo Beam LED Light Bar

This product is a return to the lights that are longer, with a length of 32 inches. It features 60 LEDs using a total of 180W emitting 12,000lm, has a straight design and features vertical fins on the back to promote quick cooling.

It has an IP67 rating and is the cheapest 32 inch light bar on this list. Its full aluminum housing puts up good resistance to corrosion, and an easy mounting system means you can quickly attach this product to your UTV – depending on the area you want it to be mounted.

It has a combination of flood and spot beams to illuminate the whole area in front of you, though the straight design could limit the wider area illumination. This could be an ideal product if you need a large size but still need to stick to a strict budget.

What Is The Best UTV LED Light Bar

I actually struggle to make a decision here, because the Penton is such great value for what it can do. However, after much deliberation, I would recommend the MicTuning RDS Series. Its compact size makes it a perfect fit for almost any area on your UTV, and though it’s small in length, it packs a lot of lighting power with a curved design to illuminate a broad viewing area. It’s a pity its lifespan is only 30,000 hours, but it’s backed by a two-year warranty and boasts exceptional durability. For the price, it’s a high-value purchase for a top quality product. Off-roading or work activities at night will be done much easier with this handy piece of equipment.

Choosing The Best UTV LED Light Bar

Just before I dive into my top picks, it’s worth knowing what factors affected my decision. LED light bars are built for almost every type of vehicle, including boats. But you’ll need to take a few things into consideration when purchasing a good product for off-road use.

You Need A Product That Can Handle The Trail

UTVs are designed almost specifically for off-road use. They’re almost impossible to roll, and their top speed tends to be slower than ATVs to make them safer for construction use. UTVs are designed to be durable and take quite a beating, so you’ll need a light bar that can do the same.

You might want to look for a product that has an IP rating of 67 or above, as that means it’s been tested for durability regarding dust resistance and waterproof abilities. For example, being rated IP67 proves the product can’t be penetrated by dust and that it’s waterproof when submerged up to one meter.

You also need to provide resistance against shocks and bumps, and again, the IP rating can help you with that. But you might want to dig a little deeper and see what the manufacturer said, as an IP rating is more a general overview of durability.

Low Amp Draw is Your Friend

Many people buy light bars for vehicles that they only intend to use when driving, but a UTV is a standards vehicle on construction sites, and that likely means you’ll need to use the light when your motor isn’t running. There’s no better way to illuminate surrounds more sufficiently than with a light bar, but your battery will drain quickly if it has a high amp draw. You probably want to take a good look at a products advertised lifespan, which is primarily affected by its amp draw in the first place.

More expensive products might guarantee a minimum of 50,000 hours of life, and that’ll come in handy for the construction site. Though, you can save a bit of cash by buying a light with a lifespan of around 30,000 hours on the cheaper end of the scale.

You’ll Need a Floodlight

Your UTV probably isn’t built for high speeds or racing – though it could be – that means you might want to search for a light that’s built for illuminating a wide area rather than long distances. Wide coverage will be especially useful if it’s intended for use on a construction site. Most LED light bars will have a combination of flood and spot angles, but there’s also the choice of a curved or straight design. You might opt to spend a little more on a curved design to maximize the angle range your product can illuminate.

Decide Where Your Bar Will Go

Because of the way UTVs are designed and manufactured, you’re usually given tons of options as to where you can attach your light bar. You should decide exactly where you want to fit your light before you make a purchase. You’re unlikely to run into any problems as most bars are designed for use with a broad range of vehicles. But depending on where you want to mount it on your UTV, you might need to buy extra harnesses and wiring. It’s a good idea to make an inquiry about this as requirements might vary between different types of vehicles and lights.

Don’t Buy The Biggest Light You Can Find

LED light bars are usually built up to 50 inches in length, but that’s probably going to be too long for your UTV. For an SUV or large 4×4, 50 inches could be ideal, but you’ll struggle to attach it to a smaller vehicle.

We suggest buying a maximum length of 36 inches which will provide penetrating light for over 1,000 feet. You also run the risk of the longest light bars not being sturdy on small vehicles, and you’ll probably save a bit of cash by purchasing a smaller product.

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