Best LED Light Bar for ATVs: Reviews And Buyers Guide

MicTuning Curved LED Light Bar has an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 based on 32 user reviews.

An ATV is arguably the most fun type of off-road vehicle, allowing you to tackle tough terrain at speed while feeling the full force of the wind brush past your body. Driving at night is one way to add an extra thrill to an already adrenaline-fueled activity, but a lack of light adds a potentially dangerous hazard. For this reason, you might be looking for a way to enhance your vehicle’s illumination powers, and an LED light bar is one of the best ways to achieve optimum brightness. But how do you know which product to buy? And will it have the durability and lifespan required to make it a worthwhile investment?​ To help you find the best LED light bar for your ATV, we are going to tell you what factors you should take into consideration after reviewing our top five recommendations.

Top LED Light Bars for ATVs

Now you have an idea of what makes a light bar suitable for use with an ATV; I’m going to help you surmise your options by providing you with a selection of my ATV LED light bar reviews.


MicTuning Curved LED Light Bar

MicTuning Curved LED Light Bar

This product I feel has the ideal length for an ATV at 22 inches. In addition, it’s the first product on my review list that features a curved design, and that’s to help illuminate a broader viewing area than the more traditional straight design.

Another factor that sets it apart from competitors is its 12ft wiring system, which gives you great flexibility when it comes to choosing where on your ATV will provide your products with its new home.

It kicks out 12,500lm of light from 40 high-intensity LEDs surrounded by full aluminum housing, features an IP67 rating, and boasts an impressive two-year warranty. Though, again, its lifespan is only 30,000 hours.​


Turbo SII

Turbo SII

At 32 inches in length kicking out over 20,000lm of light, this product will certainly do a great job at illuminating your surroundings. On the other hand, 32 inches is about as long as you’d want for a comfortable fit on your ATV, but you might consider something a little smaller for more attachment flexibility.

It features an IP67 rating which makes it dustproof, waterproof and shockproof and boasts an impressive lifespan of over 50,000 hours. It’s fitted with a total of 78 Osram LEDs and features a quick cooling heat sink to prevent bulbs from blowing.

In addition, it has a combo beam mode for flood and light angles, adjustable brackets and aluminum housing to help prevent corrosion.​


Auxbeam 72W LED Light Bar

Auxbeam 72W LED Light Bar

This product is much shorter in length than the previous item at 12 inches, and it kicks out 7,200lm of light from 24 Cree LED lights – which are considered amongst the highest quality LEDs on the market. Also, its shorter length means you’ll have many options when it comes to deciding where to attach it on your ATV.

Similar to the previous product, it has an IP67 rating and features a combo beam mode of both spot and flood angles, though you have the flexibility to switch modes with this product.

It features an oversized heat sink for quick cooling and full aluminum housing to provide robust protection against the elements, though its lifespan is only 30,000 hours.​


Nilight LED Light Bar

Nilight LED Light Bar

This item has a length of 20 inches, which in my opinion is ideal for attaching to an ATV. With a color temperature of 6000K, it shines a blueish white light (often referred to as pure white) and will effectively illuminate your surroundings as you race around a badly-lit track.

It features a combo beam mode of flood and spot angles to light up a broad viewing area, and its LEDs are well protected by a full aluminum housing.

It does have a relatively short lifespan of around 30,000 hours, but it comes with an impressive two-year warranty with a decently low price.


Eyourlife LED Light Bar

Eyourlife LED Light Bar

With 42 high-intensity LEDs, this light bar kicks out 12,600lm of light and at 20 inches in length will fit onto your ATV nicely. It has a 30,000-hour lifespan, full die-cast aluminum housing and has a color temperature of 6000K.

It claims that it’s easy to install with a flexible bracket system, but its straight design might limit its viewing area when compared to the MicTuning curved light bar.

It also features a dual combo beam of both flood and spot angles, but you can switch between modes depending on what purpose you need it to serve.

Our Recommendation

When it comes to riding around a potentially dangerous track at night, you really need a broad viewing area, and that’s why we recommend the MicTuning Curved LED Light Bar.

It’s an ideal size at 22 inches for attaching to an ATV, and 12,500lm should be more than enough to highlight any potential hazard while driving in badly-lit areas. Also, its curved design broadens its lighting area, and with a two-year warranty, I think it is difficult to beat.​

The Osram was a close contender with its huge 50,000-hour lifespan and 20,000lm of light, but it only comes with a one-year warranty and costs nearly double the price of the MicTuning alternative.​

Choosing an ATV LED Light Bar

All that rough terrain can take its toll on your ATV’s components, and that includes modifications such as light bars. Plus, it’s not a one-size-fits-all investment, and you’ll likely want a product with a low power draw. There are alternatives to LED light bars when it comes to enhancing your ATV’s lighting abilities, but here’s why light bars are a popular choice.​

Why Choose an LED Light Bar for your ATV?

  • Compared to many other products manufactured to emit light, such as halogen lamps, light bars tend to be more energy efficient.
  • LEDs also emit less heat than most alternatives making them less prone to overheating – blown bulbs won’t be a huge help when you’re tearing up the track with your ATV.
  • LEDs are compact themselves; it’s the bar that gives a light bar its size. Smaller light bars can fit anywhere on your all-terrain vehicle without a problem.
  • If you choose a product from the higher-end of the market, you can expect more than 50,000 hours of life.
  • Light bars are usually lightweight, which is perfect for your ATV’s agility.

Does it have to be a Light Bar?

In my opinion, light bars are the coolest looking product you can buy though admittedly; that’s mostly subjective. However, I would always recommend opting for an LED light source because you’re simply unlikely to find anything brighter.

If what you need is a spotlight, you might opt for an LED lamp with the ability to swivel. Or, if you want to highlight every part of your vehicle so other drivers can clearly see you, micro-pod LEDs that can be placed almost anywhere on your ATV might do the trick. Amber LEDs do a pretty good job of penetrating through a fog, but I would still argue the light bar option is the way to gain the most visibility – – as well as provide the most longevity.​

How to Choose the Best LED Light Bar for an ATV

Light bars can be attached to a variety of vehicles rather than just ATVs, but ATVs are almost specifically made for use off-road. That means you need to take the following factors into consideration before you make a purchase.


You’re likely looking at light bars because you simply love tackling tough terrain at night, and that means you’re going to need some powerful illumination given your ATV might be the only light source.

You might want to choose a light bar fitted with high-quality LEDs such as those manufactured by Cree or Epistar. While cheaper LEDs can be equally as bright, it’s often because the manufacturers overdrive the bulbs. However, that could quickly result in burned out LEDs.​

Heavy-Duty Construction

It goes without saying that durability is going to play a significant role because your light bar needs to be able to take quite a beating. You might want to choose a product which LED’s feature toughened glass lenses surrounded by full aluminum housing.

Also, given your ATV will likely be tackling wet mud and fighting harsh weather from time to time, you’ll need a corrosion-resistant mounting system. It’s a good idea to choose a product with an IP67 rating, as that means it’s been proven dustproof, shockproof and waterproof up to one meter.​


To make sure your light bar is legal, it shouldn’t shine red or blue. You should look for specific laws in your area for other legal issues. Usually, the white or blue light should be sufficient – though the latter is more likely to cause eye fatigue.

You can usually tell the color of light by checking its color temperature. 5000K should – in theory – illuminate your surroundings as if by daylight. Color temperatures above 6000K are when you start to see that hint of blue and is considered by almost everybody as brilliant.

As long as you buy 5000K or above, you shouldn’t have any problems spotting hazards quickly while riding your ATV along some daring night-time tracks.​

Manufacturer Guarantee

As with any purchase, you’ll probably want to take a look at the warranty on offer. Make sure to find out the length of time the warranty is valid for as well as exactly what it covers. You want both the LEDs and the exterior shelling to be covered for at least 12 months.

Don’t assume that just because you’re attaching your product to your ATV means it’s bound to last for a shorter time than it would with other vehicles. Light bars are supposed to be heavy duty and perfectly suitable for off-roading vehicles.​

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