Auxbeam 42-inch Curved Light Bar Review

Auxbeam 42inch

The market for light bars is extensive, and there is something for nearly every vehicle and purpose. There are also products that fit a variety of budgets. Luckily for many consumers, there are some products that rank highly with both quality and affordability. The Auxbeam 42-inch Curved Light Bar is one example, and a closer look at it demonstrates why.

The design of this light bar creates enhanced visibility in two critical ways. First, the curve of the light bar disperses light in a wider arc than straight beams can. Second, the fish eye projector lens casts light further into the distance than other lights can. The 240W power and impressive 3W Cree LED bulbs create 24000lm of stunning brightness.

This Auxbeam is also made well, its full aluminum housing and high-impact toughed glass giving it welcome durability. The side-mounting brackets included with the light bar help make it easy to fit. The IP rating of 67 indicates its status as a dust proof product that is also highly water resistant. Some drivers might decide to switch the supplied 20mm long mounting bolts with 25mm, but installation goes smoothly enough using the parts as packaged.

Note that this 42-inch 240W light bar is also available with 3W EPISTAR LED bulbs. That version has the same IP67 rating and overall durable design as this one. Either option may be fitted to a broad assortment of vehicles. Both products are also suitable for shoppers on a reasonable budget.

Some uses for the Auxbeam light bar are practical, but other uses are purely recreational. As a light bar for working purposes, this one will function well for construction sites and rescue vehicles. It can be fitted to cranes, excavators, forklifts and similar vehicles. It could also be installed on trains and boats.

Using the light bar off road and at night, it provides wide beams of penetrating light into the dark. Wooded areas at night are particularly thrilling to view in the beams of this light bar. The Auxbeam is also useful for providing light to outdoor events in the evening.

The light bar can be installed on jeeps, cars, pickup trucks, SUVs, golf carts and ATVs. The 6000k pure white color temperature is pleasant no matter the purpose for the light or the vehicle used. The lighting is handy, and the Auxbeam just looks cool once installed.

 Auxbeam 42-inchShanren 42-inchPenton 44-inch
Dimensions44.3 x 7 x 5.5 inches44.5 x 7.4 x 5.2 inches44 x 3 x 3.5 inches
LEDs80 * 3Watt CREE80 * 3Watt EPISTAR80 * 3Watt EPISTAR
Life Time50,000 hours50,000 hours30,000 hours
BeamFlood beam (60 degree) and Spot beam (30 degree) comboFlood beam (60 degree) and Spot beam (30 degree) comboFLOOD & SPOT COMBO
IP RatingIP67 - Dust Tight, Immersion upto 1mIP68 - Dust Tight, Immersion beyond 1mIP67 - Dust Tight, Immersion upto 1m

3 thoughts on “Auxbeam 42-inch Curved Light Bar Review

  1. Maynor Rojas says:

    I bought this light bar for my Tacoma and attached it to the roof racks. The light bar fit perfectly. I am pleased with the brightness of the lights. At night, while driving through the woods, the lights illuminate about 50 feet to either side and the full length of the trees. The trail is highly visible and the trees are so bright is looks like it snowed.

  2. Vdub says:

    It is unreal the difference that light bars make when driving through the woods at night. It is definitely safer. The lights are crazy bright and the angle provides just the right amount of coverage over a wide area unlike plain spotlights. The frame has quality construction and the rear fins adequately keep the fixture cool.

  3. Y. Ding says:

    I mounted this light bar on my Yamaha Viking. The lights are very bright. I am also pleasantly surprised at what little power the light bar needs to function. I’m so glad I decided to get this product. I would highly recommend this product. You won’t be disappointed.

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